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Meet Victoria

Certified Life Coach  

Victoria Dume is an author, keynote speaker and transformation coach. Over the last 5  years Victoria has helped women start their healing and wellness journey with programs and coaching that begins with a navigation and discovery technique she calls "Reveal to Heal." 

Victoria's coaching style goes beyond surface level mindset techniques and "feel good" motivational modalities. She likes to go deep into discovery and unravel your unconscious self limiting beliefs, unresolved traumas, trapped fears and emotions.

She helps you peel back each level of awareness on a journey to self discovery that will reveal your core beliefs and helps you rewire the mind and body to create energetic alignment to your desires. Aligning with your true self, living in authenticity, and creating a life that lights you up!

This journey takes you away from living in fear, and anxiety to living from gratitude and love. The transformation then becomes a life where you are living Fearlessly & Fulfilled! 

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