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begins January 2024

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Uncover the misconceptions that may be hindering your progress. Explore how certain influences have shaped perceptions and potentially contributed to challenges in achieving your goals.

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Uncover, reveal, and understand yourself at a deeper level, including the exploration of your most aligned human design. Discover how aligning with your unique human design can unlock optimal results in various aspects of life and empower you to achieve your visions and goals with greater clarity and authenticity.

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Learn how to define, decide, and declare your dream life with strategies designed to help you align in the manifestation of achieving your goals.

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meet your host

Hi, I'm Victoria Dume.

I will be your guide as you experience this deep transformation. It’s no secret that this is my absolute favorite time of year and I am so excited to announce that the Cocoon Challenge waiting list is now open! I can't wait to lead you through an incredible transformational 63
day Journey
! This course is designed to help you
release the disempowering beliefs that are holding
you back from achieving your goals and creating
amazing transformation in your life. I’ve upgraded the
course to make sure that you have everything you
need to make 2024 your best year ever!

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ask yourself

  • Have you tried numerous approaches without attaining the desired results, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated?


  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps to take?


  • Are you prepared to gain absolute clarity on your goals and the underlying purpose behind them? By doing so, you can eliminate unconscious beliefs that may be impeding your progress toward realizing your vision.


  • Do you often abandon your New Year's resolutions by the time February rolls around, experiencing burnout, exhaustion, or feeling paralyzed by fear, doubt, and limitations?


  • Are you eager to devise and implement strategies aligned with your unique energy, propelling you toward your goals?


  • Are you seeking an alternative to the "One size fits all" programs, desiring a tailored approach that considers your unique human design?


  • Are you ready to make this year your best yet and celebrate your achievements?

The Cocoon Challenge is the place where I get to
guide you and teach you the modalities, the science,
the practices, the thought work, and the systems I
built that allowed me to manifest all of my goals. In
this program I get to step in and become a guide for
your transformation as you create your unique space
and environment (your personal cocoon) to achieve
your ultimate transformation.

I am especially excited for this year’s challenge
because I have designed a companion guide and
workbook, a journal, and a newly updated
cocoon challenge 2024 planner that coincides

specifically to the program to keep you epically
aligned with your goals and create a more impactful
challenge than ever before.

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featured guest trainers

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the schedule

what's included

  • Weekly live zooms (1hour) 

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions (1hour) 

  • Workbook to guide you through the transformation

  • Personal Journal

  • The Cocoon Planner for long term accountability

  • Book "The Enrollment Effect"

  • Badass community

  • 4 Featured Guest Expert Trainers

  • Accountability group available

  • Replay of all live sessions 

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here's how the program works...

1. We will kick off Live on Monday January 15th 2024. During this session we will go over the next 9 weeks of strategies, modalities, and outline of the program. We set clear intentions and set the tone and energy for creating an incredibly abundant and powerful program. 
2. Each participant will have access to the Cocoon Program app and daily notifications of the daily alignment you create and design to tune into the intention you have set. 
3. Each week for 9 weeks there is a Live coaching and training on Monday's at 12pm EST. Every session is recorded and sent via email, and uploaded to the program for easy accessibility. 
4. In addition every Thursday at 12pm EST there is a live Q&A session where we answer your questions and go over any additional clarity of the previous training. This is a great time to discuss breakdowns and breakthroughs. 
5. This program provides a digital guide and workbook for structure as well as the bonus cocoon planner that combines the strategies and modalities to truly create intentional action and alignment. 
6. You have access to all replays and to the program details till July 31st 2024! 



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Amanda Leopardi

I had no expectations going into this challenge….. came out leveled up for sure!
Learned easy tools to apply to my life after the challenge ended, to continue to grow and evolve.

I contribute this challenge to my current successes as a business women/single mom of 5. I just have better direction on my journey now!

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Kim J.

Victoria has been such a blessing in my life. Her coaching have gotten me out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I wasn't certain I could heal or even truly learn but between her one on one coaching and her amazing cocoon challenge she provides you with the tool and amazing
community to help you thru any parts of your life. She brings so much light, joy, and happiness to whoever she comes in contact with. I look forward to my healing journey and all the amazing works she is yet to do... I highly recommend putting in the time and doing the work and your life will change from within.


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Monica B.

Victoria has been such a blessing in my life. Her coaching have gotten me out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I wasn't certain I could heal or even truly learn but between her one on one coaching and her amazing cocoon challenge she provides you with the tool and amazing
Victoria is passionate about teaching modalities that can literally change lives. I was divinely guided to Victoria as I was seeking the next steps in my healing journey to grow, change and transform my life after divorce. I had no idea Victoria created the Cocoon Challenge which is exactly the process of rewriting my story, creating and healing. Victoria's energy is authentic, vulnerable and clear. She articulates this work so clearly. Her knowledge and experience is inspiring. We dive in and reveal the core blocks. She's relatable. I love her ability & style of coaching, as we work to unravel the unconscious patterns. Victoria sees the light we all have within ourselves. She's a living angel to teach me how to see it for myself. 

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Ashley J.

The cocoon challenge is exactly what I needed as a mom, wife & healthcare professional. It was a challenge I didn’t know that I needed. I trusted Victoria in the space she has created to help women with their mindset and thank God that I did. I was in a season of depression but putting on that happy face for others. Victoria taught me to create time for myself and gave me the tools to use to improve my mental state. Now I look forward to that daily time to myself to improve myself day to day. And when any thoughts try to set in to disrupt my day I now have the tools to realign myself and not let them takeover. If you are having any second thoughts — don’t, just jump in and be ready to have your mindset changed.

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Gayle Coleman

What a blessing the cocoon challenge was. When I first thought about doing it I knew I would learn some things but I did not realize to what extent. Victoria truly cares about each and everybody in the challenge. She goes above and beyond to go through road blocks and guides us through. The live sessions I learned so much about energy and the importance of truly taking the time to dig deep and see how all the thoughts we think in a day can impact us. The importance of believing and taking action steps to better ourselves. I am still growing and evolving but I now have the most amazing tools to do so. Forever grateful.

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ready for transformation?

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