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how to heal and manifest a thriving life

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april 11-13th @12pm EST
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a conscious & Confident

Healing begins first with awareness. This workshop will teach you how to move from confusion, chaos and frustration to conscious, regulated, and aligned. My goal in this workshop is to support you on your journey to creating more health, wealth and abundance in your life. 

day 1


As we have mentioned before, healing cant begin without awareness. Becoming more aware of the body and what it truly is communicating is key. I have always loved the saying "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself." On Day 1 we start to unravel and look at what our external symptoms, and external results are communicating to us at a deeper internal level so we can avoid further "wreckage" in our life. 

day 2


Physical health and Mental health are not separate. Physical health is Mental health so in a nutshell your thinking affects your health and your health affects your thinking.  Healing is not just one part. Healing is three parts: Mind, Body and Soul. On Day 2 we dive deeper into what the healing journey looks like once we have uncovered and revealed the root causes of our dysregulation and dis-ease in the body. Healing then allows us to have "SOUL-POWER which is our ability to manifest into our lives the very things that make us whole, happy and complete. 

day 3


It's only information until we make it transformation and transformation begins with integration. Day 3 is all about the tools, modalities you can start implementing to begin integrating and teaching the body to start shifting in to regulation and healing. This is when the body can truly shift from fight or flight to rest and digest. Teaching our nervous systems it is safe will be the key to start manifesting the abundance you desire in all the key areas of life. 

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