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Group coaching Program

Align and Regulate for Success!

enrollment is now open!
**Free energy audit with your enrollment!

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a conscious & Confident

The Fearless & Resilient program is designed to help women overcome fear and anxiety so they can live a life of confidence and pursue their dreams. Through this program, you will learn how to identify and manage your fears, develop a positive mindset, and create a plan to achieve your goals. With the Fearless & Resilient program, you can finally take control of your life and start living the life you've always wanted. 

Who is this program for?

  • Do you need help identifying the root causes of your anxiety and fear?

  • Do you feel like you have tried everything without ever getting the results you want and end up feeling stuck and frustrated?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about your life's direction?

  • Feeling burned out and exhausted? Or paralyzed by fear, doubt, and limitations?

  • Do you struggle with clarity on how to live freely in your full expression?

  • Are you ready to get crystal clear on your goals and the purpose within those goals? 

  • Do you need the tools and strategies to help you overcome your fears and anxiety to live a life more confidently? 

  • Do you want to understand how to start healing your mind and body with mind and somatic practices that will get you in the energetic alignment you need to move closer to achieving your goals? 

Then this Program is for You!

If you are here You Probably want.....

  • To get out of your own way so you can finally make the moves you want to make

  • To learn how to stop self sabotaging and self doubting yourself 

  • To stop living from guilt, fear, insecurity, shame and comparison 

  • To experience more freedom and joy

  • To be more confident in the way you show up and not be so afraid of being visible

  • To make more money 

  • To feel more energized 

  • To live authentically in your full expression

This program is designed for women who....

  • Women who want to feel more connected to what truly matters to them. 

  • Women who often feel anxious or worried and want to break free from that.

  • Women who want to feel confident in themselves and be true to who they are.

  • Women who are tired of feeling held back by self-doubt, negative thoughts, or past hurts.

  • Women who want to feel stronger and more able to handle life's ups and downs.

Why haven't things worked for you in the past? 

  1. You were not doing the deeper clarity work to unravel the real root causes around your fear and anxiety

  2. You were not integrating somatic and nervous system regulation techniques into your strategies

  3. You have unresolved trauma and unhealed emotional wounds that are still unconscious

  4. You were"doing" vs "being" this means you were working to avoid something or going away from something you didn't want vs moving towards what you desire from a place of wholeness. 

  5. You were not doing any energetic alignment work to attract the desires you want and instead you created lack and resistance to your desires. 

Through this program you will:

  1. Learn simple techniques to relax and feel less stressed.

  2. Figure out what's important to you and make choices that match.

  3. Stop letting fear or negative thoughts control you.

  4. Build up your ability to deal with tough times and come out stronger.

  5. Feel really good about yourself and the life you're living.

here's how the program works...

1. The full program runs 6 weeks long. During this session we will go over the full 6 weeks of strategies, modalities, and outline of the program. We set clear intentions and set the tone and energy for creating an incredibly abundant and powerful program. 
2. Each participant will have access to the Fearless & 

Resilient program platform and app where some daily and weekly reminders will be posted. 
3. Each week for 6 weeks there is a Live coaching and training on Tuesday's at 12pm EST. Every session is recorded and sent via email, and uploaded to the program for easy accessibility. 
5. This program provides strategies and modalities to truly create intentional action and alignment. 
6. You have access to all replays inside the program modules for 1 year.  

7. Bonus:  You will have access to bonus modules and trainings that total over 14 hours  (Valued at  $1400) 

It's time! The life of freedom and full expression. A life of energetic alignment is possible. A life of abundant opportunities, money, energy, relationships, happiness, & health is available for those who choose it. So ask yourself "Why not me?" 

As women we have the incredible power within us to create. All you have to do is take the first step. What is holding you back? Fear of failure? Doubt? Fear of rejection? Fear of setting boundaries?  But what if you could beging to make a shift out of that fear? What if those fears subsided? Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the feelings you can begin to cultivate inside of your body. Aligning with your fullest expression, creativity, inspiration, and excitement. When you start expanding yourself you beging to access more of your power.

The more you are expanding your consciousness you are able to hold more energy. 

The more energy you can hold the more you can manifest. 


Monica B.

Victoria is passionate about teaching modalities that can literally change lives. I was divinely guided to Victoria as I was seeking the next steps in my healing journey to grow, change and transform my life after divorce. Victoria's energy is authentic, vulnerable and clear. She articulates this work so clearly. Her knowledge and experience is inspiring. We dive in and reveal the core blocks. She's relatable. I love her ability & style of coaching, as we work to unravel the unconscious patterns. Victoria sees the light we all have within ourselves. She's a living angel to teach me how to see it for myself.  

linda S.

Victoria has been a beautiful gift in my life! Her passion for helping women is magnetic. Her knowledge of neuroscience and what happens to the body after trauma, and her love for God, have made her a unique and treasured Life Coach!
Her ability to listen to my past experiences, and
help me dissect them, has been tremendously helpful. She gave me resources and instructions on what I can do at home to continue my healing process. She empowered me and helped me see my strength
that I already had within. I love every bit of training I can do with Victoria!

Kimmi J.

Victoria has been such a blessing in my life. Her coaching has gotten me out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I wasn't certain I could heal or even truly learn but between her one on one coaching and her amazing cocoon challenge she provides you with the tool and amazing
community to help you through any part of your life. She brings so much light, joy, and happiness to whoever she comes in contact with. I look forward to my healing journey and all the amazing works she is yet to do... I highly recommend putting in the time and doing the work, and your life will change from within.

Let's Get CreatinG!
enrollment is NOW OPEN!


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