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make the best of 2024

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The Cocoon planner illuminates and brings to light who you are through reflection, and pattern recognition's. It allows you to only take aligned actions when you are in the aligned energy to do so. It also allows you to disrupt patterns to create new neural pathways which is how you begin stepping into a new space of incredible possibilities. Ultimately, the Cocoon planner is designed to create things that have never been done before by doing the things you have never done before.

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Not Your Momma's Planner

This planner is not just a typical planner/calander it’s a coaching program of its own. The modalities and structure that this includes are exactly how I have reached and hit my goals the last few years including writing my first book, becoming a key note speaker, hitting my business goals and more.

The planner includes a guide, as well as a QR code in the book that takes you to a webpage with videos thoroughly explaining the details of the modalities and parts of this planner to truly create the alignment you need to get the results you want. The planner is designed to keep you away from burn out by tracking your phases and guides you on when you should work and when you should rest. What foods you need to fuel you during certain phases and how you should move your body during those phases.

It includes end of week reflection pages so you can start to track and see patterns. My favorite part of the planner is that it’s designed to energetically align you with the version of yourself that achieves your goals. It’s a metamorphosis. You become not just a new version of yourself but the version of you that is your true essence. 


You were meant to fly! You were meant to soar. You were meant to create an abundant prosperous life.

what makes this planner different

This planner is a magical formula of energy, mind, body and spirit.

It syncs the aligned actions connected to your truest self. The Cocoon Planner keeps you from burn out mode, helps you ground, self regulate, and do more of the things that will get you the results you truly desire. 

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