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It has impacted so many lives already
... just imagine what this fun 
manifestation tool can do for you!

"I bought the gratitude bell to support Victoria, but I don’t think I really believed it would do much ... until I started to ring it every morning. it’s powerful appeal cleared my head and sent me to work every day focused on all that I was grateful for in my life, when previously, I would have been consumed with my trials and stresses. This daily practice was immediately impactful in my life. I became more calm and empowered. It was like the noise has been turned down and life‘s joys had been turned up. I can’t thank Victoria enough for introducing me to what is now an indispensable tool in my life. Since beginning this practice I’ve earned my professional license as an architect, I’ve accelerated my career, and I finally purchased my house. I’ve noticed a remarkable reduction in stress and anxiety, and it really has made an impact on my relationships with family, friends, and my incredible partner who shared this bell and this practice in the first place. I can’t recommend either enough, and I’ll always remember to b-ring the gratitude!"

-Daniel M.

"Last summer I decided to take a leap faith and do a complete career change. I left my corporate career of 17 years to pursue working what had been “my side gig” full time. Up until that point I had been stagnant in my business for 3 years as far as my growth or any rank advancement. I knew I was capable of more but was unsure of exactly how to achieve it. In August a friend shared with me a training that Victoria had done on gratitude. It resonated with me so deeply that I immediately started implementing her advice. I purchased a gratitude bell and began practicing DAILY acts of gratitude for what was happening in my business and my life. I began to focus on what I HAD versus what I DIDN’T have. I changed my way of thinking so that instead of being discouraged that I wasn’t where I WANTED to be in my business, that instead I was grateful for what I had achieved so far. My heart was light and my soul was truly happy. I was laser focused and the momentum in my business started to build. One month after that training was shared with me and I had implemented ringing my bell of gratitude, I hit my next rank advancement. Two months later, I promoted again and hit the top of the company. I truly feel that Victoria’s gratitude training changed my life. It has opened my eyes to the power of manifesting what you WANT out of life by being grateful for what you already have."

"The gratitude bell changed everything for me. It was really a pivotal moment because it began the start of my daily gratitude practice and the steady flow of blessings into my life. The bell was genius because it was a physical reminder to stop and be grateful. It was a tool to reset when I was feeling down and putting out low vibrations. It became the object that allowed me to B-ring the gratitude back into my life. Once I practiced daily gratitude, blessings came pouring into my life both personally and professionally. This gift didn't stop with me but became something I was able to share with family, friends and teammates. My children now ring the gratitude bell and practice daily gratitude. The best part of this is that they ring to celebrate the small things because that is how true gratitude begins. They ring the bell for dinner, they ring the bell because they have me as a mom, they ring the bell because we get to go outside and play. They are learning to practice actions that will allow blessings to flow into their life always. Along with my family, those close to me have begun this practice of daily gratitude and the concept all began with a special bell. When first learning about this bell and daily gratitude Victoria said there is so much to be grateful for. If you look around, you can always find something to be grateful for. What a beautiful way to look at the world."

-Aimee A.


-Ingrid T.

"Watching Victoria's video on the law of gratitude has really inspired me in my personal life and my business. I don't allow things that I can't control to bother me anymore. In fact, I take those things and choose to learn from them. What is the universe trying to teach me? What can I do in my part to improve the situation? MINDSET. It's always mindset. Mindset will either make or break a dream from becoming a reality. When I watched Victoria's video in March, I was trying my hardest to achieve blue status. When I have something in my head, I get it done. I quickly realized after 2 months of "failing" that blue was going to be more of a challenge than I thought. My personal numbers were on fire but it wasn't enough. I was partying my socks off but the numbers weren't getting me where I needed to be, I was doing all the things I felt I needed to do but I wasn't aligned with the universe. It wasn't my time. I wasn't ready and I knew it. I was forcing blue to happen without realizing that instead of listening to the universe and all the signs, I was trying to manipulate it into happening. Well. It didn't happen but I ended march with a new set of goals and a new more laid back attitude for April. I didn't focus on blue in the month of April. I focused on working more with my team and being that leader I needed to be. I watched my little team crush personal goals left and right. I too, was crushing my personal goals right with them. It was AWESOME!!! It didn't dawn on me how close I was to blue until the last week of the month when I'm looking at reports and see that I was farther along than I had ever been on my blue journey. Celebrating all things that month, no parties, no burning myself out, just having so much fun doing what I loved to do and that was to help women build confidence and look amazing one product at a time. On April 30th, I achieved Blue status!!! It was my time!!!! My team and I did it!!! Since I've had that bell, I ring it for EVERYTHING. Small accomplishments are HUGE to me now. I love celebrating my yesties and their success. I love cheering my yesties on and just being a genuine and caring person to them when I know they need help. I ring the bell for family things too!! When my toddler accomplishes something HUGE to him, we ring that bell!! When I need a break to smile, I ring that bell. When I'm about to lose my marbles, you got it. I ring that bell. That bell reminds me of all the great things I can accomplish if my mind and universe are in alignment. Ringing that bell reminds me to slow down and smell the roses and to enjoy the ride. It reminds me of all the good things that I know I need to keep priority so I don't sink. I'll forever be grateful for that little bell and everything it stands for and for Victoria for sharing her story with my team. I don't know her personally, but I can't wait to give her the biggest hug. She has inspired me so much!"

-Julia Crystal, Independent Presenter with Younique Cosmetics. 

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